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Navigating School Life with Lupus

As a parent of a child diagnosed with Lupus, how do you prepare your child for school when they have a chronic illness? How do you teach your child to have a voice at such an early age? How do you protect them?

These are all thoughts that have traveled through my head since learning Miah, my daughter has Lupus. After my daughter’s diagnosis, I knew that I needed to learn as much as possible, especially since I had absolutely zero knowledge about Lupus. I spent so many days, afternoons and nights looking through different Lupus related websites. One morning I found something called a 504 Plan. This was where things got interesting! A 504 plan is an education plan that provides accommodations and modifications for a student with a medical condition and/or physical disability. The plan is designed for their academic success and delivers access to a learning environment which is then tailored to a child’s individual needs.

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